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Champion Baseboard Stripper


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Easy-Off Neutral Cleaner

Item #: REC89770

New DfE formulation. Provides effective, low-foaming, rinse-free cleaning without stripping or reacting with the floor surface. Contains no alkalis, phosphates or ammonia. This item will not reduce floor conductive properties. This economical, concentrated formula makes up to 64 gallons (1:64) and has a neutral pH. Can be used 1:64, 1:128 or 1:256 for Heavy, Medium or Light duty applications and can be used in auto-scrubbers.

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Murphy Oil Soap Gal 4/Cs

Item #: MUR1103

Gentle, natural cleaner for mopping wood floors and paneling. Concentrated formula. Leaves no dulling residue. Clean, fresh scent.

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Resolve Carpet Extraction Cleaner

Item #: REC97161

Concentrated and low-foaming Cleans and deodorizes Strong grease-cutting agents Safe on wool, nylon, synthetic and stain-resistant carpets

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Resolve Deep Clean Powder

Item #: REC81760

Deep clean powder quickly and effectively cleans tough ground-in dirt across large areas of your carpet. The fast drying formulation deep cleans without soaking your carpet. Carpet is dry in only 20 minutes. Now you can get a deep clean without all the hassle. Application: Carpet, Upholstery; Applicable Material: Nylon;Wool; Chemical Compound: Cellulose; Sulfuric Acid.

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Resolve Spot & Stain Carpet Cleaner

Item #: REC97402

Cleans tough spots and stains; resists resoiling. Effective against most food- and grease-based stains. Can be used as a traffic lane cleaner and pre-treatment spray. Neutralizes odors. Safe on wool, nylon, and other synthetic and stain-resistant carpets.

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Starco Citraglo Floor Restore

Item #: SI-UL3035004

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Starco Fast & Easy No Rinse Stripper

Item #: ST-12748

Emulsifies and suspends even the most difficult floor finishes. The emulsified solution is then easily vacuumed up leaving no residue.

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Starco Luster-Plus Neutral Floor Cleaner


Luster Plus Neutral Floor Cleaner is a concentrated, neutral pH general purpose floor cleaner, Luster Plus is manufactured as a highly effective dirt and grime remover that will not harm or dull floor finishes. Perfect for maintaining high gloss finishes. Luster Plus is free rinsing, leaves no residue and is compatible with all floor finishes.

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Starco Summit Floor Finish 25%

Item #: ST-18475

A polymeric finish with exceptional leveling and drying qualities. For the "Wet Look" that last's and last's. 25% Non volatile solids.

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Stearns Concept 915 Ice Melt Residue Remover

Item #: STO717

Concept 915 removes ice-melt residue from carpets and floors. Powerful chelating agents chemically suspend the salt and chloride residues in the mop solution or carpet extractor so that they do not redeposit in an unsightly white crust or film. Concept 915 saves labor by eliminating excessive floor rinsing. Usage:Carpet Extractors, Mop Buckets

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