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3M Quick Clean Griddle Liquid Cleaner

Item #: MMM26012

Heat-activated liquid griddle cleaner for fast, easy and safe cleaning. Lifts and loosens burnt-on food soil for easy removal. Safe for use on food contact surfaces.

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Bleach Liquid Gallons


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Jet-Dry Finish Rinse Aid

Item #: REC75713

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Joy Dishwashing Liquid

Item #: PGC45114

Cleans your dishes and leaves them with a fresh lemon scent! Effective on glass, plastic or stainless steel Concentrated manual dishwashing liquid is tough on soils yet gentle on hands.

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Nyco Clean Freeze Freezer Cleaner

Item #: NYC-NL849-G4

Use Clean Freeze in frozen food lockers, cold storage areas, flash freezing equipment and other areas where water cannot be used due to subfreezing temperatures. Removes dirt and debris, melts frost and ice when cleaning. Formulated to be used in temperatures as low as minus 40�F. Does not contain methanol or ethylene glycol. Nonflammable, non-poisonous and safer for users.

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Starco Emerge Pot & Pan

Item #: ST-8391

A premium, high sudsing, grease cutting dish, pot and pan detergent. Better in cleaning and sudsing than the top rated national brands. Delightfully scented and with just the right thickness. Safe on your hands, repeated use will not chafe skin. Leaves wares, pots and pans absolutely spotless and squeaky clean. Highly concentrated, just a small amount in a sink full of water will result in heavy, dense, long lasting suds. Excellent results, cost efficiency and safety in the kitchen.

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Starco Hg-3 High Temp Rinse Aid

Item #: DIC803CG5

HG-3 is a concentrated, liquid rinse additive and drying agent for use during the final rinse in a dish machine. HG-3 accelerates drying by letting rinse water �sheet off� glassware and dishware thereby speeding up drying, promoting rapid draining, and reducing water spotting. HG-3 is a blend of wetting agents. It contains special low �foaming, non-ionic surfactants and defoamers to prevent foam build-up in the rinse compartment. It depresses the foam caused by food soils.

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Starco Low Temp Rinse Aid

Item #: DIC825CG1-4

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Starco Release Tableware Presoak

Item #: DIC7673CG1-4


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Starco Solar Manual Pot & Pan Detergent

Item #: DIC597CG1-4

A high value, green, liquid dishwashing detergent that easily lifts, removes and suspends food and grease in all water conditions. Can also be used for general kitchen cleaning. USDA authorized.

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