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All Free Clear 2 Oz Liquid Laundry Detergent

Item #: DRK2979351

Handy, single-portion vend-boxes are a great choice, eliminating tricky measuring and dispensing. Ideal for vending machine use in laundromats, dormitories, apartment complexes and more.

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Bleach Liquid Gallons


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Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets

Item #: PGC80168

Now you can bring the outdoors in and get the classic scent that reminds you of line-dried freshness. Its patented time-release technology gives it long-lasting freshness that lasts for up to 30 days. Helps prevent static cling on garments as they come out of the dryer and as they are worn, Time released freshness.Softness you can feel.

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Gain Fireworks Beads


Gain fireworks are scent beads that give your clothes an extra boost of amazing Gain scent. Get up to 12 weeks of amazing scent in every load of laundry. Works with all your favorite Gain detergents. Regular washer and HE compatible

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Laundry Detergent Powder 50Lb

Item #: DET50-POWDER

Laundry Lo Suds Detergent is a highly concentrated, lemon scented, low sudsing detergent that will keep all your laundry clean and bright. Use 3-4 ounces per 50 pounds of fabric. Available in 50 pound plastic pails.

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Starco Alkaterge Built Detergent

Item #: DIC889CGH15

A laundry detergent and alkali combination product designed primarily for medium to heavy duty classifications. A complete built detergent with a combination of anti-redeposition and whitening agents.

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Starco Fluff It Premium Fabric Softener

Item #: DIC891CG15

A super efficient fabric softener that imparts a smooth, soft finish to fabrics. Reduces water retention in linens and other classifications. Increases extraction efficiency and shortens drying times. Will alleviate "static cling" especially synthetic blends.

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Starco Fluff Sour Softener

Item #: DIC890CGH5

This super efficient, viscosity controlled, pink fabric softener and sour imparts a smooth, soft finish to fabrics. Fluff & Sour reduces water retention in linens and other classifications which delivers greatly reduced drying time. Fluff & Sour eliminates �static cling� especially in synthetic blend fabrics. Fluff & Sour neutralizes residual alkali and is safe on all fabrics, white or colored.

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Starco Starlite Built Liquid Alkali

A silicate alkaline builder designed to maximize soil removal and whiteness retention.

Starco Super Laundry Destainer

Item #: DIC7476CGH15

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Starco Synerdet 500 Laundry Detergent

Item #: DIC888CG5

Syner-Det 500 is an economical liquid laundry detergent which contains a cleaning system designed to cover all fabric and soil classifications at all temperatures. Syner-Det 500 combines synthetic detergents, co-solvents and whitening agents to produce a concentrated and highly effective laundering system.

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Starco Total Premium Laundry Detergent

Item #: DIC888CG1-4

A concentrated and powerful liquid laundry detergent. Biodegradable and phosphate free. Can be used at all temperatures in hard or soft water. Contains ingredients to lift soils from clothes, plus brighteners and soil suspending agents.

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Starco Tru-Sour

Item #: ST-20200

A highly concentrated product with high alkali neutralizing characteristics. Will not harm fabrics. Safe to use on both white and colored work. Ecologically acceptable. Contains no phosphorous.

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Tide Liquid Detergent W/Febreze 92Oz

Item #: PGC87566

Tide Plus Febreze� liquid laundry detergent. Powerful stain-removing power. Color-safe, gently and thoroughly cleans all machine-washable fabrics.

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Water Softener Salt 80 Lb Bag


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