Two Ways to Improve the Safety and Cleanliness of your Healthcare Facility

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that losses linked to sick days resulted in an annual loss of $225.8 billion annually or $1,685 per employee. This affects every industry, whether it’s healthcare, education or private business.

However, in healthcare, cleanliness has a more dramatic effect on the bottom-line not only due to losses linked to employee sick days, but also because of the patient and family member perception. According to a CAHPS Hospital Survey, hospital patients who perceive the cleanliness of a facility in a negative light feel “they are at greater risk of acquiring a health care-associated infection during their stay, [and] will not recommend the [healthcare facility] to others.”

Additionally, disease outbreaks at healthcare facilities are often preventable, as they are generally the “result of either failures in infection control practices or contaminated equipment,” stated the CDC.

While doctors diagnose and treat infectious diseases, the environmental and sanitation staff is an indispensable partner in preventing the spread of these diseases. Here are two quick ways to ensure a clean, hygienic and safe environment for staff and patients.

  1. Proper staff training with facility-specific guidelines
    To prevent healthcare-acquired infections within your facility, it is imperative that the environmental staff stays current on regulatory updates, follows industry best practices and has extensive training to know what products and equipment to use for optimal cleaning. Facility-specific guidelines should be put in place to ensure staff understands how to handle products properly, how to use and store the products, and what to wear when handling these materials.
  1. Selecting quality products that are the right fit for your application
    The proper cleaning supplies, chemicals and equipment can keep infectious diseases from spreading. Proactive environmental assessments can help ensure you select quality products that are the right fit for each application within your healthcare facility. This helps maintain a clean, hygienic and safe environment for staff and patients and keeps the facility moving at the speed of business.

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